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The Secret

The Secret
By Rhonda Byrne
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- The Australian author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, introduces the book by admitting, "A year ago, my life had collapsed around me". Through searching for answers in a variety of books new and old, Rhonda Byrne began to trace what she believed was a common thread in them all. She dubbed it the "Great Secret—The Secret to Life".It is a motivational self-help book of some kind and the synopsis referred to physicists, old oral traditions, religions, poetry and philosophy. The essence of The Secret is "the law of attraction." According to Rhonda Byrne and the twenty-nine co-contributors, everything in the Universe vibrates on a particular frequency. When you think in harmony with the frequency of something, you attract it to you. If you think about wealth, you will receive wealth. If you think instead about your debt, you will receive more debt. You attract what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.

Rhonda Byrne restates the law of attraction in different ways: "Nothing,good or bad,can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts"."Your thoughts are the primary cause of everything". "Your current reality or your current life is a result of the thoughts you have been thinking". "This is The Secret to everything,the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.
Byrne promises with ironclad certainty: "There isn't a single thing that you cannot do with this knowledge. The Secret can give you whatever you want" ... "you will come to know how you can have, be, or do anything you want".

This book gives hope for what many have been waiting for a long time - a shift in the way the world thinks. Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the World and centuries.Now,for the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that seems to be life-transforming for all who experience it.
The secret is really no secret, it is a great presentation of what we were taught since we were children. To have gratitude, to be thankful, to bless everything, to be positive.
In this book, you'll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life : money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You'll begin to understand the hidden power that's within you.

The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.
Rhonda Byrne was able to bring together this life-changing information so masterfully. She first did it for the movie of the same name that she produced, which has been a phenomenon in its own right. She then added, in only ones month's time, incredible additional content to the transcript of the film that brings even more clarity to the reader. This is a book that people from all walks of life can read and then understand the concept of The Secret. It allows you to apply it to your life.People of all ages are reporting miraculous stories of positive changes as a result. Rhonda Byrne is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of The Secret and to making sure that now,the whole world knows about it.

Towards the end of 2004, Rhonda Byrne discovered a secret - "the secret laws and principles of the universe",and soon her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice what she had learned. It seemed to Rhonda that almost no one knew the things that she had discovered, even though the concepts could be found in almost every religion and field of human endeavor throughout history. And in that moment her greatest wish, and mission, was to share this knowledge with the world.

Rhonda began to see that her entire life - everything she had ever done - had been quietly and steadily moving her towards the most perfect place for her to be able to fulfill her wish. And to fulfill it on the grandest possible scale! She had gone from working as a producer at the Nine Network in Melbourne, Australia, to starting her own television production company, Prime Time Productions, in 1994. And after ten years of creating internationally successful shows, Rhonda Byrne was ready to take Prime Time Productions in a direction that fulfilled people rather than just entertained them.
On that spring day in 2004, when a book called "The Science of Getting Rich" was put into her hands, and Rhonda's whole life suddenly pulled into spectacular focus, she knew exactly what her mission was to become. She was going to take this knowledge to the world. She was going to make a movie to carry joy to every corner of the Earth. And so the great journey that was The Secret began.
In early 2005, when The Secret was simply a name and a momentous vision, Prime Time Productions was made up of Rhonda, Producer Paul Harrington, and Director Drew Heriot. For eight weeks Rhonda intensively taught everything she had learned about The Secret to Paul and Drew.

One of Rhonda's initial intentions for the creation of the show was that Prime Time Productions would use The Secret to make The Secret,that it would be an effortless, joyful journey as they attracted everything and everyone that was needed to fulfill the vision. And right when the company was ready to begin production the perfect people to make The Secret began to appear.
Overall, the abdication of reason is so absolute that it takes a while to actually believe it can be really happening.What The Secret advises is really positive thinking, affirmations, visualisation of goals; ideas made mainstream by treatment techniques, that one's attitude and expectations often result in self-fulfilling prophecies. That fear and lack of self-confidence can block fulfilment. That day-to-day, others sometimes treat us the way we think we deserve to be treated. That generally, we tend to be more happy and more successful if we have positive outlook and believe things are possible.
THE SECRET is a way of thinking that can transform the lives of all and lead to a new reality where each is free to follows one's own dream. It attacks no one.It reveals secrets long held hidden in the initiation rights of mysterious societies. It unlocks the parables of great spiritual avatars. It brings science to the thin line that it has been unwilling cross with regards to the power of thought.

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If you're from Darfur it means that being raped and killed by people you never harmed is your fault for attracting those things with your bad thoughts.

Please have the guts to tell the whole story about what she said about Darfur and the people there instead of just writing a puff piece.